My name is Phoebe Snyder, I am a photographer based in Waltham, Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Ohio. My mother is an artist who surrounded me with art, nature, earth tones, and deep spirituality that most times took the form of humor. All these things influence my work today. My main focus is self portraiture. My life is not anything out of the ordinary, but in my mundane day to day life there is beauty and deep relationships I feel the need to explore. I use a Hasselblad to capture my life. This format allows me to meditate on the moment, and allows me to put my whole-self in my work. 

Relationships to myself and others fascinate me. How each individual goes through life is an obsession for me. This life journey I try to capture through my art and make it relatable to others. Besides relationships, I love my rabbit, my family, tarot, and nature. 


Contact me at for freelance work and prices as well as general questions.